Friday, February 26, 2010

Pups On Board

Today's ultrasound confirmed that both Omeeka and her good buddy Cara are indeed pregnant! It was fun to see the images on the ultrasound machine and both girls seemed to enjoy the tummy up position and belly rubs. Seems quite likely that little "O" will again have a good size litter. When the xray is done on March 22 we will have a better idea of how many little black puppies to expect on whelping day.

After the ultrasound, we loaded the girls back into the car and headed over to pick up the puppy supplies that included whelping drugs, x-pens, crates, various newborn supplies, and a couple of hundred pounds of dog food. Although the girls had to share limited sleeping space on the drive back to Sacramento, Cara was more than happy to give Omeeka more space as long as she could rest her head on the bags of dog food!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hunting and Gathering

With my boy Yorba off to canine college (or bootcamp depending on your perspective!) I'm getting into puppy mode. One of my breeder caretaker buddies generously loaned me a really cool gate to use in the puppy pen. The wooden gate will attach to the plastic x-pens and has slats that can be raised and lowered to accomodate Omeeka's comings and goings while insuring that the pups can't escape. I'm pretty sure my friend could make and sell these great gates. She says no time, she's too busy being a breeder caretaker!

Same BC friend has an awesome Little Tykes Rock and Ride plastic airplane that her puppies love to play on. I've been scouring the internet in hopes of finding one. Last night I had high hopes when I emailed an online vintage toy shop that had the airplane displayed on their website. My hopes were dashed this morning; the plane had already been sold.


On the upside, I found another cool looking Little Tykes toy tugboat and by waiting until the last 30 seconds of the online Ebay auction I was the winning bidder. Yes, it will cost more to ship the tugboat that it cost to buy it, but I think the puppies will really enjoy climbing, chewing, and sleeping in it. I can't wait for them to be here. . .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's a small CCI world . . .

Yesterday at lunch with some CCI friends and CCI pups, a woman approached our table and asked if any of the pups might happen to be from her friend's male breeder, Terence? Wow! None of the pups were Terence pups, but I was excited to learn that his BC was on Facebook. A few mouse clicks later, voila, I was able to connect with Terence and his BC. I have to say, I love the internet!

Here's the scoop on the handsome Terence:

Terence is a joyful, smart, energetic lovebug of a fellow (editorial comment: yeah, who wouldn't be with his job!). He has a big blocky head (editorial comment: should be interesting to see whether the blocky head or long slender nose win out) and incredible eye contact. His daddy is the famous Bobby and like his grandfather, Hanford, he only throws black puppies. Terence's BC was also the BC for Terence's mom, Litney and his grandmother, Keely.

Terence's BC provided the photos above of baby Terence and grownup Terence. She has every reason to be proud of her boy, he is a handsome fellow!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost Home

Just heard that Omeeka and her gal pal Cara are on their way home from Santa Rosa. I'm sure they will be happy to be home. Next up, the girls will have their ultrasound at the end of February to confirm pregnancy.