Monday, August 24, 2009

Five Weeks Old

Time is flying by . . .
Weaning is well underway and the pups have taken to kibble, as long as it isn't too crunchy! They are good eaters and their roly poly tummies tell the story. After they eat, they quickly fall asleep and dream about their next meal. Sometimes, not making it far from the pan o' kibble.
The "O" litter is five weeks old today, and to celebrate the occasion, the "O"s ventured outdoors to the puppy pen on the patio. A bit tentative at first, they soon enjoyed the extra space to explore and run. After a couple of hours, the pups moved back inside as it was beginning to get quite warm. They were exhausted from the fresh air and took a really long nap! As they slept, my neighbor called to say she had looked out her window to see if the pups were in the pen. No pups, but she saw a RAT running across the backyard. YIKES! We live quite near a creek and ocassionally see a roof rat crossing the backyard on a telephone wire, but never on the ground. Makes you wonder what kind of crazy rat would run through a yard where SIX dogs and TEN puppies play!

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