Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ten Gorgeous Goldens!

Cindy captured the fabulous litter picture with a little help from her friends!!
We are enjoying our final day with the wonderful O litter. Tomorrw Cindy and Valle will pick up Omeeka and her pups for their final week before they start their adventure at the NW Puppy Park on September 14th. It will be a very busy day for Cindy and Valle as they are turning in Caro's L litter before picking up Omeeka, the O pups, and Vito. Whew! As the O's head out, it is bittersweet. Omeeka and her puppies have been a joy to have for the past few weeks, but as the pups grow up, their need for nurturing and one on one attention becomes more challenging, not to mention that the poop from 10 pups can be daunting!

1 comment:

  1. They are adorable! And so well behaved the way they are all sitting there on the bench. How did you do it?! Their cousin Nuri says hello! (One of OMSI's pups)