Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Call It A Hunch

It's a big day for Omeeka! She has a date with Terrence the Black Lab today. With Terrence in mind, my hunch is that an Omeeka pup with a black lab sire might look something like this:

Yes, that is my very own boy, Yorba, the lab golden cross from Ember x OMSI. Yes, that's right OMSI, little O's big brother. All grown up now, Yorba has a long narrow face just like Omeeka.

With Yorba going off to CCI college on Feb 12 AND if all goes as planned, I will be ready for Omeeka and her pups in late March.

Stay tuned for breaking news as it occurs!


  1. Yay! That's exciting news! And good luck to Yorba in AT. I've had an Ember pup and an OMSI pup. Great dogs!!

  2. I think Terrence is one of the breeder boys that only has black puppies? That should be interesting :)