Thursday, December 16, 2010


As the pups start to toddle around the whelping pool I become a little anxious about their eventual "escape". So, today I fortified the pool by enclosing it with an plastic x-pen. I attached a gate that has sliding panels that can be raised and lowered to allow Omeeka to come and go from the puppy room as she pleases. At first she wasn't sure that she wanted any changes in her baby's room but has come to see this new arrangement as a better alternative than having the puppy room door opened and closed for her. She is now the mistress of her own domain - who wouldn't love that!
My friend Connie (also a breeder caretaker) made the gate for me, she is so nice!! Thanks Connie!

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  1. Omeeka certainly is a good mother. Just received word that I will be getting a female from this litter and my good friend is getting an O puppy so both will be coming down to San Diego.