Sunday, January 9, 2011


Price and Patrick


Penelope and Pedro

Omeeka is a happy mama, no more sharp puppy teeth to contend with!! Whooowhooo, the puppies are weaned.
Friends Karen and Kathy stopped by yesterday for a visit and puppy pen inspiration as they are expecting Dawna's second litter in early February. Happily, they confirmed that it's not breeder caretaker bias, the Sweet Peas are an outstanding litter!!
Today brought some changes to the puppy pen, out with the crate and in with the play tube. Pups loved running through it and chewing on the stand. Little do they know that the crate is now in the living room waiting for me to start crate training!! I'm guessing it will be a noisy beginning.


  1. If it wouldn't be too much trouble could you not only crate train Penelope but also house break her? Thank you.


  2. Peggy, your photos are excellent. Thank you for taking such good care of Little O and her sweet peas.