Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Longer Nameless But . . .

Names arrived via email from CCI this morning, but a word of caution, sometimes, the names get changed before the pup arrives at his / her puppy raiser home. That said, these are some fun names in collar color order :

Red Female Nicolina II (Yellow Puppy)
Blue Female Natasha IV (Yellow Puppy)
Purple Female Nala IV (Yellow Puppy)
Neon Green Male Noel V (Black Puppy)
Neon Pink Male Navajo IV (Yellow Puppy)
Brown Female Neela II (Yellow Puppy)
Light Pink Female Naomi VI (Black Puppy)
Turquoise Male Nifty II (Yellow Puppy)
Orange Male Nada II (Black Puppy)
Dark Green Male Novak III (Black Puppy)

Notice the Roman Numerals after the pup's name, not an original in the bunch! Great expectations for these kids to grow into.

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