Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friends and Neighbors

Costello Snoozes In His Big Boy Collar

Cameron Sleeps With His Tongue Sticking Out Of His Mouth

Pan o' Kibble

The "C" pups had a big day today:
  • Hard kibble (YUM!)
  • Neighbors and friends visiting (Fun!)
  • Home remodeling / expansion (Party!)

The indoor puppy pen was expanded and the bathroom was remodeled, i.e., no longer any need for pooch pads at the bottom of the toilet! Work was also started on the outdoor puppy pen but didn't quite get finished with that - tomorrow we'll finish up.

The pups enjoyed a mid morning snack of puppy kibble - straight from the bag and tried out a pan of fresh water. It was fun to watch their surprise! They also enjoyed several visitors who were very fun to play with. All in all, another good day.

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