Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kibble and Bits

The "C" pups love their mom. Mom loves to spend time with her pups, especially when they are full!

A couple of CUTE black puppies, who are these two? Your guess is as good as mine!

Carlita loves to sleep in the crate.

Cameron got soooooooo tired playing with his toys, he fell asleep right on top of them!

Omeeka and the pups continue to blossom everyday, in spite of our cold and wet April. These dang showers better bring flowers! Omeeka is itching to get back into the swim of things.

Pups have moved up to litter boxes lightly filled with wood stove pellets (thanks Karen and Kathy - I will return the favor!). We started the litter training process with easy to walk on pooch pads, voila, pups took to those almost instantly. Today, I added a layer of the pellets, not so fast said the pups. Initially, they really didn't care for the feel of the pellets under their little paws but after spending a couple of hours with them throughout the day, things are going much better in the pellet toileting department. In fact, as I returned to the pen with their last meal for the evening, I was pleased to find a couple of piles of poop in the litter box. Ahhh, this must be a "you know you are a breeder caretaker moment" when you are pleased about poop piles.

Pups continue to take to the weaning process. Today I soaked kibble and added it to the gruel, yum yum! The pups seemed to like the kibble more than the gruel - good to the last drop! This new food development is sure to add to their continued growth - weigh in day tomorrow!

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