Monday, April 5, 2010

One Week Old!

Just one week ago the pups were making their way into the world. Time flies by and pups are growing by leaps and bounds. Their collective weight at birth was 8.15 pounds and at tonight's weigh in their collective weight is 13.5 pounds, wow, 5 pounds in a week, must be good mama's milk.

Omeeka is enjoying some time away from the babies but still spends the majority of her time with them. She is sweet and patient with their nursing and climbing all over her. With today's blue skies "O" decided to take a break from motherhood and take a quick dip in the pool. Since she was standing on the steps and already pretty wet, I threw a tennis ball for her. In her own indomitable style she got out of the pool, ran to the other side, and LEAPED through the air to get the ball. What a girl!


  1. oh my goodness those are some big bellies!

  2. I just weighed the D's and compared to birth weight which was 6.86 lbs., they're now at 12.68 lbs. = a whopping 5.42 lbs. for the week. I'm pretty certain that Big Red accounts for the majority of that weight gain.

    Oh, and Cara wants to go swimming too!