Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tiny Toe Nails

Day three - time to work on all of those toe nails. Eight puppies x 4 paws x 5 nails per paw = better stay on top of this job! I noticed how quiet and settled the pups get when they go into the "pup incubator" or hold box as the manual calls it. So, I decided try to use this to my advantage. I put the heating pad on my lap and covered it with the fleece from the hold box and then picked up each pup in turn. The heated fleece worked like a charm - each pup settled in on my lap with hardly a wiggle as I trimmed their nails. I sure hope this trick will continue to work!

All of the pups are over one pound now and seem to be gaining an ounce or more per day. Omeeka continues to be a devoted mom but for the first time since the pups were born, she got up for a potty break without my coaxing. What a good girl. She's eating well and seems very comfortable with her new babies. Well, ok, she did one short lap in the pool today - I'm thinking it was a vanity lap, she just wanted to tidy up a bit.

1 comment:

  1. How smart! I never thought of using the heating pad. Great idea. Seeing these cutie pies makes me long for a litter.

    Buley is over at CCI right now. So, come June hopefully pups will be on the ground.