Saturday, April 24, 2010

Movin' On Up

Carlita, Cyrus, Charlene, Carlin, Costello, Cheri, Cameron, and Carter have a new puppy pen. After a week or so of playing on the linoleum and then returning to the security of their puppy pool, the "C"s were ready for more space. They are doing very well in their new surroundings and have their sea legs (or should it be "C" legs??) on the slippery surface.

Today the pups had some visitors. My good friend brought her almost 13 year old granddaughter, Alex, to visit the pups. Alex and Carter fell in love . . . Alex has a bit of history with CCI dogs after spending time with facility dogs Hazel and Millie while she was in treatment for cancer. Thankfully, Alex is fully recovered now and gets to enjoy CCI, the early years.

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